January 27, 2021

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  1. WORRY


An individual is said to worry when he or she is overly concerned about something and therefore always thinks about that thing. Many times when people are faced with challenges they can’t seem to find a feasible solution to, they subconsciously start to worry. In as much as this may seem harmless and a comfortable thing to do at first but chronic worrying could lead to a health disorder called anxiety disorder amongst other health issues.

This is because the hormone released by the body when you worry is similar to that produced when someone is anxious. Hence when someone worries over a long time (chronic worry), the person is exposing his body to the continuous release of the anxiety hormone.


This could lead to anxiety disorders (a health disorder characterized by prolonged state of anxiety in an individual even when there is nothing to be anxious about.) and ultimately affect your job performance, appetite, lifestyle habits,

These events could in turn affect your human-human relationships.

Also, chronic worrying can increase the chances of someone coming down with hypertension, cardiac arrest and a stroke. The medical explanation is story for another day. But trust me guys, the self pity benefit which you get by worrying is never worth the adverse effect of worry on your health.

For a lot of people that worry too much, and eventually come down with anxiety disorder, they always think  the only way out is by getting involved with harmful lifestyle habits such as, cigarette smoking , overeating or even using alcohol and drugs. But these vices, though may produce a temporary relief, never solve the problem of worry and can even further expose the individual to other health hazards.


But worrying has a solution which has no side effect!

And here it is guys :


Yeah! Let it alone!

Let the problem alone! For that problem that you can’t seem to know any solution to at the moment, let it alone.

The reason people worry is because they seem not to have any feasible solution to the problem at hand. And more often than not, the solution doesn’t come by worrying either. So why not just let the problem alone.

You see, which of you has been able to add any cubit to his or her lifespan by worrying?

When you let the problem alone, you will first of all, clear your head.

This would even help you think straight and even help you tackle the problem clear-headed and objectively.

Also, have you noticed that things you worried about so much in the past, didn’t seem as bad as you had imagined they would be, once they happened? So relax, life is a lot easier than you think.

And for the other problems that you can’t tackle, time always has a way of making them clearer. But until then, let the problem alone and focus on other things.

Also, preferably, you can cast those burdens on God for he cares for you. He promised to take over your burdens if you would let him. So why not?

Say a short prayer and ask God in Jesus name to carry your burdens that make you worry, from off your shoulders and he will hear you today.




This leads to weight gain, insomnia (sleep disorder), and elevated blood sugar level.

When an individual makes a habit of eating late at night, such an individual would gain lots of weight which is a predisposing factor for obesity.

Also, when you eat late at night, you are telling your body indirectly that it’s not yet time to sleep. This makes your brain to get active again when there should have been reduced activity. This can lead to insomnia.

The elevated blood sugar level is as a result of the inactivity that follows eating late at night. The individual does no serious work from that time till morning time. And when he or she still doesn’t engage in physical activity, and continues with this routine, the blood sugar level over time remains elevated.

So, a good time to eat your dinner is always 7 pm. It’s also best to eat lightly.

In conclusion, remember that you didn’t form your habits in one day, therefore it’s only normal that you may undergo some irregularities with your new routine and new habits so don’t get discourage when you fall back to your old habit from time to time. You are on a journey and you’re getting better at it.

Stay blessed!


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