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Santorini, also known as Thira (pronounced Thera in English) in Greek is one of the Cyclades islands of Greece and it is located in the southern Aegean Sea. Fira is its capital.

There was a volcanic eruption that took place 1000 years ago, causing the centre of the city to sink. Consequently, Santorini was encompassed with Multi-cliffs and Caldera. I dare say it is a blessing in disguise.
Santorini is super rich in culture and it is one of the world’s best vacation locations.

There are a few things you cannot afford to miss out on when visiting Santorini.

1. Viewing Sunset

There is a town called Oia in Santorini that has the best view of the sunset. Thousands of tourists visit Oia just to watch the sunset.

Tip: Try to avoid travelling to Santorini around summer because Santorini has more visitors during that time of the year. And this increases the cost of travel to that effect. Best months to visit Santorini April- June or September.

2. Cruise port

No other port in the world has a cruise ship actor in a bay formed by a collapsed volcano admit very much active crater and multi-hued cliffs. The view is so magnificent that you may forget to breathe while on the water. The ride also allows you to capture the beauty of the island properly. And it is a great spot for beautiful pictures.

3. Take a walk

it’s best to take walks early hours of the day, let’s say 7:00 am. Take walks across the villages. If you probably lodged in Oia, you should have a walk to Fira, the city’s capital.

Tip: Planning to visit small orthodox churches spread around the island? Great idea, but do ensure you are properly dressed. Some churches don’t like ladies exposing their legs or wearing trousers. If you have to visit those churches wear long skirts.

4. It’s restaurants

These restaurants cater specifically to its tourist so the setting of each is picture-worthy. A great view + amazing course meals = sweet life! So go ahead and make reservations at any of its restaurants.

Tip: Usually hotels that offer the Caldera view in Santorini are usually expensive. However, if you can afford it make your reservations today.

5. Amoudi Bay

This is a small village that fills its tourists with irrevocable ecstasy. It is a village for hikers due to its structure. It is car accessible so you could drive down the bay and enjoy the evening in your car. Amoudi Bay is usually a hot village, Ensure you have a bottle of water, especially if you plan to hike down the flight of stairs.

*Here is my last Tip for you* Have a great time in Santorini, Get lost, take pictures, make memories. Memories last forever!!!

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