January 27, 2021

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We all have a soft spot for a our jewelry pieces

Whether it’s a statement ring that was gifted to us, a pair of customized earrings or a sentimental neckpiece that was handed down from generations to us. It’s essential that we have ample storage room for each piece to avoid losing the item or more often than not wasting time looking for them in a box of chaos.

Now that we have the needed time on our hands while working from home, how about we have an organised vanity or wardrobe for our jewelry?
Organizing is key before finding individual homes for each piece. It’s important to know what you currently have. You’d be surprised to find gems that were tucked deep into your collection that you did not were there.

Here are some storage ideas for your jewelry using what you most likely have in the house.

1. A collection of bowls

Finding bowls that ticks off your decor style is key to create a complementary look for your vanity desk or table. You can opt for bowls made of ceramic, wooden, glass, or metallic ones to store your rings.

2. Branch strips

For someone who is artistic and loves the farm house decor style, the ideal pieces you could use for storing your jewelry is wooden banch strips. They can be mounted vertically on a wall to hang your necklaces. A branch strip with stems could also mounted horizontal wooden pane and used to hang bracelets and neckpieces. The styling all depends on you. You can even delve further by spray painting it in gold or silver to match your overall decor.

3. Nail it.

Do you have a piece of wood lying around the house? You can mount it on a section of your wall or closet door, add multiple nails lined out then hang your neckpieces. This prevents them from tangling as they are all mounted on an individual nail.

4. Mounted Fabric. 

If you have fabric lying around somewhere in the house you could use it to create a board l that can store all your studded earrings. We all know how much time can be wasted looking for a missing pair or an earring stopper. This also makes it easier to wear all the earrings as they are on display.
Another idea is to lay out the foam in empty shoe boxes and use it to store your precious rings and earrings.

5. Use trays.

For long and statement earrings it’s important to have them neatly arranged. If you have a separate drawer you can lay out all your earrings in pairs on metallic tray. A tray could also be used to store bracelets, watches and rings.

I hope now we have some ideas on how best we can store our jewelry with items already existing in our homes and better yet, personalize them to suit our individual styles.

Any more ideas or hacks on how you store your jewelry? Leave a comment down below.

Wishing you a blessed day,


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