January 18, 2021

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7 key ways to boost your immunity against coronal virus disease

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Corona virus like every other virus has no medical cure. It is transferred from one person to another though contact with the individual, contact with an exposed surface, or contact with body fluids from the individual (such as sputum, sweat, etc)

People with low immunity are at greater risk of being infected by the virus than those with high immunity.

The following activities help boost your immunity against the virus:


1. Exercise

Research has shown that daily exercise will boost your immunity and help reduce your chances of contracting infectious diseases like corona virus disease.

This is because exercise strengthens the body cardiopulmonary system ( heart and lungs function). Thereby improving circulation and oxygen intake.

These and more help the body’s defence mechanism to function effectively and efficiently.
Like I outlined in my previous posts, daily exercise workout plan should include at least 30 minutes of any aerobic exercise.

Common aerobic exercises include:

1. Walking
2. Jogging
3. Swimming
4. Cycling
5. Dancing
6. Tennis sports, etc

Engaging in any of the above exercises daily boosts your immunity and reduces your chances of being infected with not only corona virus but also every other infectious disease.

However it is important to note that research has shown that intensive exercise done excessively reduces immunity instead of elevating the immunity.

This is normally witnessed by athletes. So if your daily exercise routine is nothing near the intensity done by athletes, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

For more information about the best exercise plan for you, refer to my previous post on exercise or contact a Physical therapist.


2. Don’t smoke:

Smoking remains a risk factor for a whole lot of diseases that want of space won’t permit me to write about. Risk factors for a disease are factors that could predispose one to contracting or suffering from that disease.

Smoking reduces the body’s immune system thereby predisposing the individual to a lot of diseases including corona virus disease.

The remedy remains to quit smoking. Rehab homes and clinical psychologists help individuals get over smoking addictions. You can also get help online.


3. Eat balanced diets

Eating meals with high content of fruits and vegetables helps boost the immune system because of the presence of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals have a direct effect on the body’s immunity by helping in the replacement of worn out body fighter cells and strengthening of weak ones. This reduces the individual’s chances of contracting diseases such as corona virus disease.


5. Avoid being overweight:

Scientists have discovered that obesity and overweight are risk factors for different diseases. This is because it reduces the body’s immunity among other things.

An overweight individual has increased body metabolism. This means that the body is almost always busy metabolising the continuous inputs of food and other edibles that most overweight people engage in.

This is not so good because when the body is always busy with high metabolism, there is more work on the cardiorespiratory system. The system might become weakened and this reduces the body’s immunity as a result.


6. Sleep adequately

Good sleep (at least 8 hours a day) enables the body to recover from the previous day’s work, thereby reducing the stress level as well as helps weak cells to recover.

This helps the immune system to become stronger as strenuous work without rest weakens the immune system.


7. Moderate alcohol consumption:

Moderation is always the key word with food consumption generally (alcohol inclusive). This is because excess consumption of alcohol weakens major organs in the body such as the heart and liver.

It can also lead to anaemia (reduced red blood cells) which reduces the body’s blood volume. This could reduce immunity as well.


Also don’t forget to observe your daily hygiene like washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.


I’d love to hear from you so feel free to post your comments, questions, suggestions and what you will like me to post about next and I will speak with you soon. But until then, keep fit!

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