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Amazing House keeping tips for your bathroom

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For as much as some space in the house is expected to be clean daily, some items in the bathroom can be worked over while others are done over the weekend. These tips below will allow you a smooth and quick clean up in a stipulated time, while you work on the rest over the weekend.

While you are getting other things done, quickly spray and soak your bathtub, toilets seats and toilets sink with liquid disinfectant soap.

Use hand gloves, brushes, cloth, and scrub, clean accordingly.

Use disinfectant wipes and wipe down grey areas.

After you shower, add liquid soap to some water and rinse off your shower top.

Spray the mirror with a glass cleaner, wipe down the mirror with a paper towel or tissue.

For the sink counter, use a disinfectant to wipe it even after use.

These amongst many can be done almost immediately after use or in just a little time.

Weekends are often used to give a general house clean and make sure everywhere is tidy.

So let’s take a look at those tips to use when you want to pamper your bathroom;

The shower or tub can be clean once or twice a week (spray the lids with general-purpose liquid soap, use a cloth to pat dry.

To clean tiles, combine equal parts hot water, add all-purpose liquid soap, and white vinegar.

To get rid of bath mat stain, combine baking soda, lemon juice, spread the mixture on the stain, add white vinegar allow to dry for some time use a towel to clean and pat dry.

To ward off mildew on tiles, use car rain repellent; spread on tiles and use a cloth to scrub.

Your shower glass can be clean using a magic eraser, dry with a squeegee.

For that fabulous design you have allows wanted:

You could add some stylish design to your bathroom, by using the same colour shower curtain and foot mate to match or painted bathtubs and bathroom pieces of furniture.

You can give your bathroom that defining tone you have always wanted, try combining different colour shades from the same colour spectrum.

lets know if the above tips were helpful in the comment section.





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