January 27, 2021

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Bad breath (the swag killer disease pt2)

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Hey guys, hope you’re all winning in your different spheres of life. You’re welcome back to ignite diaries.

So sequel to my previous post, we will be looking at part two of the swag killer disease which would be bad breath or mouth odour or halitosis.

Now this one is quite interesting so do sit back and enjoy the ride.


So here’s a little bit of a story to drive home the point.

It was 3rd year in med school and I had just seen a girl that I really liked. And to make matters more interesting I found out that she was actually my course mate.

Yasss! It probably would be the beginning of our Romeo and Juliet Disney love story. At least so I thought.

Well, as the sharp guy that I am, I didn’t need to delay approaching this new damsel before some other dude from only God knows where, gets the opportunity to shoot his shot and probably displaces me. So I quickly made my move.

Applying all the swag lessons I ever learnt while growing up, my goal was to spark up, through the smoothness of my words, a wild fire in her that wasn’t going to die down any time soon.

And so it was, micro seconds became milli seconds which later became seconds and boom! I found myself standing in front of her. (Now if you’ve ever been attracted to someone, maybe your crush, then you would agree with me that time literally slows down to the barest minimum while approaching him or her.)

‘Hey Whatsup’, I said with a cool one sided smile, exposing part of my incisors and premolars…

Oh how I loved the smile that radiated on her face as I said those words. It was as though she anticipated my approach.

Well guys, just before you start imagining sweet and rosy thoughts like you normally see in the popular Indian TV series ‘Telemundo’.

The truth remains that that was the only sweet part of that my wooing  experience.


And in a matter of seconds, my excitement was cut short as soon as she said the next 18 lettered sentence:

‘hey am good how are you?’


No no no guys, it wasn’t that her grammar was bad, no not at all.
Rather it was the odour that oozed out of her mouth the moment she spoke those words to me. I literally could cut through the stench that oozed out. And somewhere in the deepest part of me I regretted why I broke my code  to not woo any lady in my university days until I graduated… Well I endured the conversation but of course resolved never to break my rule of no wooing till I graduate ever again.



Mouth odour or bad breath or hilatosis is a relatively common phenomenon when compared to other health issues. This is because some people that have bad breath over a period of time may not know that they do so unless someone else informs them.


What is bad breath (hilatosis or mouth odour)?

By way of definition, mouth odour is the (unpleasant) odour that oozes out of an individual’s mouth when he or she exhales through the mouth or speaks.

Researchers estimate that more than 80 million Americans suffer from long term mouth odour. Also bad breath sufferers have 60% higher chances of suffering from stress than non-sufferers. 57% of bad breath sufferers also report feelings of depression because of their problem.

So you can agree with me that bad breath is pretty much an A list swag killer.
So what causes bad breath?


Causes of halitosis and remedy

1. Bad oral hygiene:

Halitosis is most commonly caused by bad oral hygiene. If particles of food are left in the mough, bacteria in the mouth break them down to produce sulfur compounds. These sulphur compounds give the characteristic unpleasant smell of halitosis.

Keeping the mouth hydrated can reduce mouth odour. I recommend carrying your water can around with you or on your car.
The best treatment for bad breath is regular brushing (morning and evening or after a very sugary meal or a meal that has plenty of vegetables), flossing (removing debris from your teeth using a dental floss), and hydration.

Also ensure to brush the surface of the tongue well enough whenever you brush.

2. Oral ulceration:
This is not a common cause of halitosis but in cases where you have wounds or ulcers on your tongue or withing your mouth, kindly see your doctor.

3. Oral malignancy:
This is not a common cause of halitosis but if diagnosed by your doctor, then appropriate medications would be given.

4. Other causes:
According to Dr. Bahadır U (2013; Journal of natural science, biology and medicine)
Almost 8% of the halitosis cases arise from an extraoral source (I.e non oral source). This type of halitosis has many sources. However it is rarely seen.

Other sources include:

a. Respiratory system problems

b. gastrointestinal disease (stomach – intestine related)

c. hepatic disease (liver disease)

d. hematological (blood related) or endocrine system (hormone related) disorders

e. and metabolic conditions.
So in cases where an individual has practised good oral hygiene over a reasonable period of time but still observes halitosis, he or she should speak with a doctor.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. I’d love to hear from you so kindly drop your comments down below, ask questions and make your contributions and I will hear from you soon but until then, Stay fit.

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