January 27, 2021

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Best Comfy Work Home Outfits

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Hello, dears

How is the lockdown treating you?
Well, the best way to survive this phase is to stay & remain positive.
So since most of us work from home, let’s talk about comfortable work home outfits to keep us productive.

There is no doubt what we wear dictates to the world who we are, how we want to be perceived, & how we want to be treated. Before you dress up for work, it important you ask yourself “Is my outfit portraying my best self or a lesser version of myself.?”
Right now the case is different as everyone is on a total lockdown & most of us are left with no option but, to work from home.
We never saw this coming. However, it is important for us not to forget the impact of official dressing on our work.

Pulling out or wearing the normal office outfit in the house might be impossible, however, here are the few things I’d like to share with you:

1. Create a work-station or an office in your home if you don’t have one.
I am a student & I also work. But I never had a work-station. Recently, someone gave me a table & I created my work- station… such bliss.
Before now, I do my readings on my bed or in the school library. Also, work on my bed but most times I find myself either sleeping off or getting tired easily.
One of the major advantages of having a work- station or an office in your home apart from the fact that you can work when it suits you and no distraction from any colleague, is it helps to increase your productivity. I know what works for a person may not work for the next especially for working-class mothers with kids.
However, the truth is having an office in your home will tell them (the kids) that Mummy gat work to do.

2. Have a daily/working schedule.
Now having a working schedule is so important at this time although it requires self-discipline. It doesn’t matter if all you have is 2 hours to work, having a working schedule & sticking to it will make your work for the day productive.
Here are some reasons why having a work schedule is important:

a. It helps to properly separate work from private life.

b. It keeps you focus!

You have projects to work on but Netflix says you still have 2 episodes of Money heist to watch.
At this point, only your work schedule plus self- discipline will help stay focus and achieve your target for the day.

3. Dress for work!
I have to emphasize this part the most because well this page is on fashion, lol. Here is a psychological reason why it is good to get dressed.

Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist and author of Dress Your Best Life, tells Bustle, “I have a theory in the fashion psychology field called ‘mood enhancement dress’. Mood enhancement dress is dressing to optimize your mood. So when you desire to get out of a funk, dressing up or practicing mood enhancement dress would be proven most beneficial.”

We are always tempted to wear anything since we are all at home…those cozy clothes you’ve not worn in age. Clothes are powerful and, a good work outfit gives you that mindset that “You are powerful and can take on any project”.

Let’s talk a little about actors. Do you know that the right outfit transforms the actor into the character thereby upping their performance into a whole new level?
Your work clothing can impact your thinking.
Since we can’t all dress suit up let’s talk about a few best work from home outfits.

a. Sweatpants

If you have a matching set, perfect if not match it up with a top & a pair of slide slippers


b. Jean

Here I would suggest straight jeans. They are for both men & women & can be best paired with a roll neck, with a sweater or a colorful top & a short sleeve for men with a pair of sneakers
Another kind of jeans I would suggest is the boyfriend jeans for ladies which is best paired with sweatshirt or tees & comfy slippers or slide slippers


c. Leggings

This goes best with tank tops & T-shirts


d. Slipdress

Slip dresses can be styled in different ways but to keep it official, I suggest this look. Also, a wrap dress should be considered.


e. Comfy Jumpsuit



f. Tailored Shorts

Well since you can go to work dressed in a tailored short, it will be just fine for your home work station.


If you have any thoughts or topics you’d like us to discuss, kindly leave a comment below.

Also, watch out for the next post but until then stay safe.





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