December 4, 2020

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BLW gave my life a meaning

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Dear diary,

What just happened?
Earlier today, I went to sister Patiences’ church, I think it was called Christ embassy or something. It was my first time attending a church in the United States. I mean I had been to church before, so I was sure it wasn’t going to be anything out of the ordinary. We got to the church early, because sister Patience was a leader and had to help set up.

Upon our arrival she introduced me to several different people. After greeting them, I found a corner and I was on my phone until the service started. I remember they started off with a prayer and then a worship session. As the choir began singing, my eyes were open, I looked around and I saw people speaking in tongues, while others were singing along.

As the worship session progressed, I became familiar with the lyrics and I joined them to sing. Once again, my eyes were open. As I looked around, I noticed people crying. The minute the choir sang the chorus, it felt like my entire being was sucked into the worship. I began to feel the lyrics and instrumental music like fire coursing throughout my heart.

There was an atmosphere, no, an aura that embraced me.  My eyes were no longer open, I was singing with all my being. I felt so bold, yet meek, it was as if I had been sucked into a different realm. Normally worship sessions were my favorite part of church, because I loved music. But I never experienced anything like that in my life.

Throughout the service I noticed the enthusiasm of the church members as the pastor preached. They often laughed out loud, screamed, clapped, overall everyone looked joyous. Towards the end, the Pastor called for first timers. I hesitantly arose from my seat, one after the other, the church members bombarded me with hugs and smiles. I smiled so much my cheeks started twitching. I indeed felt welcome.

The church had an environment charged with jubilation and love. I began to wonder what made them so happy. I mean, I had been a Christian for several years, and this was far different from anything I’d experienced in my lifetime. I left church that day feeling unusually happy, it was as if the atmosphere rubbed off on me. I left with a strong desire to find out what made them so happy.

Three years later…

I have now been a member of BLW for the past three years, and I can confidently say I know what made them so happy.

BLW is about reconciling man back to God and helping them understand God’s plan and purpose for their lives. I learned that Christianity is not a religion, it’s not even about doing right or wrong. Christianity is divinity at work in humanity. We are no longer reaching out to a “spiritual being”, God himself has come to live and dwell in us. It was here in BLW I not only learned about my rights in Christ, but I received the Holy Spirit and I became an active soul winner. I bless the day sister Patience invited me to her church because without it I would still been struggling to understand the purpose for my life.

Thank you very much taking time out to read this article, I hope you were blessed by it. If you have questions or concerns, please leave and email and we will be sure to get back to you.

Daniella Nkrumah-Boateng

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