January 18, 2021

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Covid-19: How to stay physically active at home

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that everyone engage in “150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both.(https://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/health-emergencies/coronavirus-covid-19/technical-guidance/stay-physically-active-during-self-quarantine)


But while this recommendation by WHO may look like algebra/arithmetics to some individuas that may find it difficult to calculate 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise and don’t understand what they mean,  I have decided to break down the bodily requirements of physical activities to daily activities that can be easily carried out even while at home without having to solve any maths at all.


However, please note that these activities should be done based on your capabilities and if you have an underlying heart condition or blood condition or any such medical condition, you should consult your physiotherapist for medical advice.


Also if you feel dizzy or increasing headache or nausea or sudden confusion or increasing pain or even fatigue during the course of these exercises, please stop immediately and if the symptoms persist, call your physiotherapist.


Below are activities that are fun to do (and can be easily done from the comfort of your home) that would still keep you physically active, strengthen your immunity and prevent diseases due to sedentary lifestyle (physical inactivity).




Dancing is a fun-filled activity that works your body system up and keeps you physically active by the movement of your body parts to the rhythm of the music. This can be done with any music of your choice as long as your body parts are moving.


Dancing is an aerobic exercise and does not consume too much energy. This means that it will not overload your heart and lungs.


20-30 minutes of dancing every 3-5 days of the week will do the job.




Tend a garden! As simple as that sounds, tending a garden would get the job of keeping you physically active for as long as you want. Please note that this is different from conventional farming and should be done with every sense of the word garden observed. The aim is not to get you stressed out so If you don’t know the difference between a garden and a farm, kindly find out before starting one.




Yes! Get a pet! Pets do all the magic. Pets like dogs and cats can keep you physically active by playing with you. This is especially true with dogs. You can walk your dog down the road or if there’s total lockdown in your area, then you can walk your dog around your playground or even within your house. The little chase here and there would do the job just fine.





You can choose to trek through a short distance instead of driving. In fact, cycling is a good option too. This would help keep you physically active without working you up to the point of exhaustion.




Preferred chores like washing the dishes, sweeping, scrubbing, etc will keep you physically active.




An Ibo dialect says that the soup at the button of the pot is the tastiest! Hence I have saved the best for the last.

Home sports activities remain the most effective way of being physically active. Below are exercises that you can engage in depending on your physical abilities (please remember the caution I gave at the beginning of the write-up)

1. Skipping

2. Yoga

3. Jogging (withing the compound)

4. Swimming

5. Football

6. Tennis

7. Golf

These sports activities (not necessarily all but those you choose to do) should be done at least three times a week in addition to the other listed home physical activities like doing the dishes.




Thank you for reading today’s post. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section and until then, keep fit!

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