December 4, 2020

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I’m grown now

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Dear diary,

You wouldn’t believe the day I’ve just had. Today was my first day at THE Morgan State University. I was excited to start, however, I was slightly nervous. This is a school that several public figures have attended, and my family’s expectations for me are through the roof. I feel like things are more serious now, than they were back in high school. Unlike in high school, I no longer am living in my parent’s house. I now live on campus with my college roommate. Also, my grades are more crucial than they have ever been. Who said college would be fun again?

Anyway on to what happened today.

I went to my first class, which was a computer science class. I had my book bag filled to the brim, I was focused, and ready for any challenges the day presented. In class, my professor asked us to introduce ourselves. I tried to speak in a way that made me seem serious, like I meant business. I guess it worked because one of my classmates asked me why I was so tense. I replied “I want everyone to know that I mean business”.

Immediately after that class, I headed over the cafeteria (canteen) for lunch. I was astonished as I caught a glimpse of the burger, fries, and pizza illuminated by an orange light. It was so beautiful, I nearly shed a tear. This was the highlight of my day. To make it even better, my parents weren’t there to monitor what ate. I filled my plate with burgers, fries, and snacks. I ate as much as my heart desired, until my stomach was unable to contain any more food.

My stomach was full and my legs could barely move, so I knew it was time for me to retire to my dorm. Since I enjoyed the food so much, I decided to take some with me back to my dorm. As I began to casually stroll out, the cafeteria lady stopped me. She informed me that I couldn’t take the food out. I replied “I paid for it yes I can”. We began to engage in a heated argument, and she ended up winning. I decided to stay in the cafeteria and finish the rest of my food so it didn’t go to waste.

I was annoyed, because I felt like it was my constitutional right to take the food out since I paid. I decided to try to head to my dorm for a little rest. I looked at my phone screen and it was two thirty, my health class started thirty minutes ago. I rushed to class and I tried to enter as silently as possible. My lateness ruined the serious image I tried to portray. My first day would’ve been great if I wasn’t prevented from taking my food out.

Food and angry lunch ladies aside, college is a pretty great place. You learn who you really are, even if it means arguing with lunch ladies and stuffing your face with food. Your parents are no longer there to hold your hands, so have to learn to deal with situations on your own. It may feel overwhelming at first because you’re given all the freedom you never had, but remain calm. It is a change, noting can prepare you for a change, because it is new. Just have the mindset that regardless of what happens, you will always be fine.

Hollys Anaele

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