January 25, 2021

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Exercise: The Modern Day Medicine Pt 2

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In my previous post (i.e. the part 1 of this post), I talked about three important benefits of exercise. If you’ve not read through it, do well to go through that one as well, you’d love it.

So in today’s post like I promised, I will talk about other benefits of exercise as well as exercise routing recommendations for different age brackets.




  1. Regulation of blood sugar levels:

Did you know that exercise will not only reduce your chances of coming down with diabetes mellitus but it will help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level?

Now this is particularly important if you are someone that loves consuming plenty of carbs (carbohydrates). You know, things like cold stone, pizza, and all other kinds of ice creams.

This post is also important to you if you think you probably don’t get around well enough as far as physical activity or exercise is concerned, then you should probably pay more attention to this point.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease condition in which an individual is unable to utilize his or her blood sugar. This could be because of the body’s inability to produce insulin in adequate amounts or even at all (Insulin – a hormone required for the body to absorb sugar from the blood) and this is seen in type 1 Diabetes. It can also be that the body tissues are resistant to the insulin produced by the body (pancreas) and this is seen in type 2 Diabetes.

Over the years, research has shown that exercise helps people living with diabetes to utilize blood sugar more effectively. Thereby reducing the symptoms which they normally experience prior to treatment.

However an individual loving with diabetes should consult a physiotherapist or medical personnel for the right exercise routine for him or her because he or she should not be exposed to all kinds of exercises.

But don’t forget, you don’t have to wait till you come down with diabetes mellitus before you start exercising. Prevention they say is better than cure.

  1. Regulation of blood pressure:

Did you know that research had proven that exercise is an effective way of managing high blood pressure for people living with hypertension? Well yeah you read right! This is also true even if you’re not hypertensive. High blood pressure can be managed effectively by indulging in the right exercise routines. I will not go into details of such routines in this post due to want of space. So you see, exercise is both a preventive measure and a curative measure.

  1. Overall fitness and body goals:


We all have that person or celebrity that we admire their bodies and secretly wish we had similar bodies to theirs right? Well in as much as I can’t tell you that you will definitely look like Dwayne Johnson (De Rock) as a guy or Beyonce as a lady when you start exercising, I can actually tell you with all boldness that exercise can get you to look sexier than you currently look. Yeah! This is because it is true!

When you engage in the right exercise workouts, it keeps you fit as well as helps you achieve your desired body shape.

So now that we’ve seen some really cool benefits of exercise, let’s quickly get into some exercise plans that you need.


These exercise plans are for apparently healthy individuals, but remember however that this doesn’t replace one on one sessions with a physiotherapists once the need arises.

Your workout plan for exercise should contain daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.


Exercise workout: To keep fit, you might just need to do your aerobics like jogging, swimming, cycling, and walking. And yes, you can do a combination of these exercises.

Time: These activities should last for at least 30 minutes every day. This is a safe limit for the elderly; the younger apparently healthy individuals can raise the dike to 1 hour every day.

WEEKLY ROUTINE: The minimum number of times per week is 3 days per week. And like I said before, this is a safe zone for the elderly but apparently healthy younger individuals can raise the dike to 5 days a week. As they so desire.

MONTHLY ROUTINE: This weekly routine should be maintained throughout the month for best results.

These exercises are best done early in the morning before you go about every other daily activity.

Kindly note that this routine alone might not be enough to get you specific goals like building your muscle mass. Also note that if you are living with Diabetes Mellitus or HIV or any other condition that may affect your cardio-respiratory fitness level, kindly consult your physiotherapist for one on one coaching. (For one on one coaching, kindly write the author).

So this is where we draw the curtain for today’s post guys. I hope you had fun and learnt something new as well. Feel free to drop your questions and suggestions for a new post; I’d love to hear from you. And until then, stay fit.




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