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Focus On Being, Not On Having

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It’s because I don’t have the right friends around me, it’s because I don’t have the money…
A phrase that we usually say, one of the many reasons why we don’t achieve much but, in reality, it’s a lie …

“Focus on being not on having” – Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome.

It all has to do with investing in yourself. It’s not about what is in your bank account, but rather with what is in your personality account.
Think about it …
Money and material things come and go but personality stays forever and the right personality and mindset will attract wealth.

However, there’s another dimension to the quote stated above.
Why not focus on being the good friend for a change, not on having good friends around you?
Focus on being the nice kid, the approachable and easy-going person, not on having such people around you
Focus on being the rich and influential one, not just having them around you to feel good about yourself. It is only a matter of time before you start developing an inferiority complex and feeling inadequate for not being on the same level as them because you haven’t invested in yourself as much

Switch focus!
Add value to yourself, learn something new, pick up a skill, improve your personality
Who you are will attract what you want


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