January 27, 2021

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6 Online Platforms to Grow Your Career and Skills

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Amid this trying times globally it is perhaps just another opportunity to grow your career and yourself. In this period we have heard a lot about social distance but social media and the internet has been so close to us now. There is so much we can do with the internet in this period, something you wouldn’t have done in your busy schedule. You shouldn’t be the same way you were months ago. Your career should have something attached to it after this period.

I have normally told my friends that there comes a time when probably schools would be more online than physical hence we ought to train ourselves as early as now to adapt, learning should continue. There are a lot of platforms online that you can take advantage of in this period and even beyond. In whichever career you are, you should be a lover of knowledge and grow yourself. I always tell the people I mentor that always know a little of anything. That will make you on top of others. You may have done a course in Accounting no one stops you from adding a course on project management or even web design. You will be an asset to your employer because you have multiple skills. Imagine John is an employee he has done Human resource, graphics design and web design while James is a human resource manager has no any other skill, think for a moment if you were the employer who do you think qualifies for a promotion?

I have always loved to grow myself in anything I have an interest in. Let me just share part of my story, in brief, I did an online course ‘Certificate in Inbound Marketing’, it took me two months to finish the course. It took me that long cause I wasn’t consistent on the days because I was also doing my Bachelors degree in Renewable energy on campus. The knowledge I acquire helped me to market my YouTube and later make some good cash from the same. I later did a course in Cryptocurrency and later started retailing Bitcoins in small scale and was able a good profit in next year. I am not bragging  but am just sharing to let you know that the knowledge can help you when you apply it. Something I have learnt about online courses is that they are very practical and easy to understand. That said let me take you through my list of platforms you can take advantage of.

 1. Coursera

I must say this was my first ever platform where I did a short course on energy. Coursera has joined hands with leading global universities and launched 100 Free Courses from leading colleges. This huge and I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this. The courses range from over 8 subjects: personal development, business, leadership, arts etc.

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2. Hubspot Academy

I have done two courses here and am currently doing one on AI in Marketing. They have very detailed classes with practical application. Hubspot Academy has been offering online training courses with certification, projects and also software training since 2012. The online courses are majorly professional. One unique thing this platform offers is you get a verified logo with your name to put in your website just in case you have one.

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3. Udemy

I finished two courses here and am currently finishing a course in project management. This platform is mainly short courses 1-6hrs courses so you can do several courses under your niche.  It has courses that are highly rated and upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

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4. Edx

This is one of the best online learning platforms,  well I created an account with them but I haven’t taken classes with them. It has plenty of opportunities to exercise what you have studied. You have to do assignments and exams as part of your qualifications to complete your course. You receive a certificate upon completion, you pay for the hardcopy certificate.

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5. Alison

This is a unique platform since it offers free school curriculum courses. It offers work-based courses in business, health and technology. You have diploma courses on this platform too.

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6. Udacity

Well, Udacity is just another platform to learn so much on technology and business-related courses. I am still taking a course here in AI. The courses here seem to be very long so you got to commit to finishing.


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A bonus site this month Pluralsight is offering free courses they wrote “Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long.

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This list can go on and on, hope you will take advantage of this time to grow yourself, lets come out of this quarantine period with diplomas, certificates etc. Let me which website you recommend to someone in the comment section.

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