January 25, 2021

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Heel It Without Struggles

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What you wear – and it always starts with your shoes – determines what kind of character you are. A woman who wears high heels carries herself very different to a girl who wears sneakers or sandals. It really helps determine how you carry yourself.

Winona Ryder


A dear friend let’s call her ‘V’ asked me a few days ago “How did you get so comfortable on heels?” I remember smiling back at her with my head spinning with thoughts trying to get the right answer. Finally, I said to V “two things”
1. I ensure I get my perfect size to avoid any discomfort
2. I trained myself I guess I’m still in training
So she said I love heels too but I pull them off after few minutes.

Just in case you’re like the beautiful V, you love heels but you don’t seem to know how to go about it, I gat you

Giuseppe Zanotti said High heels are like a beautiful lift. Heels are like the perfect blend to any outfit that is they can make your outfit look 10x better.
Truth is there’s nothing like a good pair of heels but like the popular saying goes “when in doubt, wear black” the same goes for heels. And just so you know heels are not going out of fashion anytime soon.

I assembled a few basic helpful tips for you so let’s discuss

1. Go for your perfect size.
This is so important! I think we should have our feet sized at least once every year. I learned this last year let me tell you how. My sister called for my shoe size late last year, she wanted to get me one. So I gave her my ‘usual’ size knowing fully well that I haven’t shopped for shoes in a while.
She got me a lovely pair of heels but after I tried it on, my ‘usual’ size doesn’t seem to fit in anymore. I was dazed! Long story short I couldn’t wear them and she couldn’t return them either cos she got it from her trip.
Also, foot size changes for ladies after childbirth.

2. Identify the different types of heels.
We have different types of heels so it is wise you identify the type you’d love to style with.
We have; wedge heels, stilettos heels, peep toes, cone heels, block heels, kitten heels, etc

3. Avoid walking from your toe to your heel.
Understand that this is different from flats where you put your whole foot on the ground at once.
For heels, the step is from heel to toe and not from toe to heel.

4. Take your time.
With heels, don’t rush. Naturally, heels change your footsteps & tend to make you walk faster but trying to walk faster in heels often ends up looking awkward.
Take your time, walk slowly and gentle but with confidence, lean back, visualize a straight point leading you towards your direction rather than looking down at your beautiful heels and own your ground.

5. Practice.
Remember that walking in heels is not the same as flats. In heels, all is required is your heel & toe. So to get better, you need practice as it takes a while to balance.


“High heels empower women in a way.”

Christian Louboutin


I’m sure you’ve learned.
Don’t forget to drop your comments/questions below

See you in my next article

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