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Did you know that there is a direct relationship between the concentration of a particular hormone in an individual and the behavioral pattern of that individual? Well, emphatically Yes!

That is to say that an individual with high levels of oxytocin (the love hormone) for example would always show a higher behavioral pattern of love, jealousy, empathy or trust than an individual with less concentration of the love hormone.

In like manner, an individual with high levels of hormones responsible for sadness, anxiety , fear and depression, would always experience sadness, anxiety, fear and depression.


But here’s where the hack lies guys. The hack lies in the fact that the reverse is also true! So what do I mean?

When an individual engages in a series of activities over a period of time, the concentration of the hormone(s) linked to those activities is increased, which in turn reinforces that behavior in such an individual, making that activity more enjoyable and much easier for the individual to continue in that activity or lifestyle.


For example, let’s say an individual decides to practice smiling a lot, even when no obvious funny stuff is said. It’s observed that over a period of time, the individual begins to smile frequently, effortlessly and genuinely. This is because of the rise in the concentration of the happiness hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, etc), triggered by the increased activity of smiling by the individual. You get the gist now?

Sadly, this is also true when an individual continuously indulges in activities that cause him to feel negative emotions of fear, sadness or depression.

For example, say Miss A has a group of friends that always talk negatively about everything, always looking down on her,

Miss A would constantly hear these words of negativity which would directly raise the levels of fear and anxiety hormones (adrenaline and cortisol).

Therefore just by constantly being around those friends of hers, there would be a continuous rise in the concentration of her fear and anxiety hormones, making her live a life of perpetual misery, anxiety and fear.


Hence, this article aims at helping you live a life free of depression, fear and anxiety by your  participation in the activities written here that trigger the release of hormones that are associated with your desired feelings of happiness, relaxation and a life free of fear and depression. This is  based on a research-proven relationship between hormone concentration and behavioral pattern in an individual. This would help you live the good and healthy life free of worries and emotional trauma.



Let’s fire on.

In order to fully understand the relationship between hormones and behavior, we need to firstly  understand what hormones are.

To be continued in part 2.



Thanks for reading.

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