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How to Create A High Converting Marketing Message In 4 Easy Steps?

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Retention in digital marketing. Sales funnel concept.

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Your customers come to you for solutions to their problems. They also want your help to achieve their desires. You have a solution to their problems and aspirations; that’s why you are in business.

How you communicate your solution is the difference between success and failure. You must, therefore, have a process to take your customers on a journey to their desired state.

Your marketing message is the road map for this customers journey.

How can you create a compelling marketing message that moves prospects to act?

You do it in 4 easy steps: These are:

  1. Understand your customer and his world
  2. Engage your customer with a benefit-driven story
  3. Make an irresistible offer
  4. Manage meaningful relationships

Let’s look at each step briefly.

Step 1: Understand your customer and his world

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must think about your customers first. Your customer is the person who will buy your product or use your service.

Who is your ideal customer? Can you paint a clear picture of him? What is his age, gender, level of education, income, and so forth? What are his views about what’s going in his world? What makes him tick?

Answering some of these questions helps you understand your ideal customer and connect with him.

Step 2: Engage your customers with a benefit-driven story

What attracts people to your solution is, what’s in it for them? Communicate the benefit your customer will get by giving you his attention.

For example, here is my story: If you read this blog article to the end, you will have a blueprint to convert prospects to customers with your marketing message. Since your customers live in a distracted world, you must gain their attention, and take them on a journey towards purchasing your product.

What’s your story? Is it about your customer? Does it communicate the benefit from the customer’s perspective?

Step 3: Make an irresistible offer

The surest way to stand above your competitors is to make an offer, not sell a product.

What is an offer? An offer is a different idea from a product. An offer is a bundle of value-added products that fit well with the main product you are selling.

Making an offer, rather than selling a product, gives you a competitive edge. You can charge the price you want and not be part of the race to the bottom of the lowest price competition.

What products can you bundle together with your main product, and can offer these for free? Stack these together and communicate their respective monetary value to the customer. The price you charge for the offer becomes a no-brainer to the customer.

Step 5: Manage meaningful relationships

Making a sale should not be your last interaction with your customers. Scaling your business growth requires that you build meaningful relationships for repeat purchases by your customers.

Thanks to digital tools, you can manage this process seamlessly. Engage your customer through a series of automated follow-up messages that keep your brand on top of his mind.

In Conclusion

These four steps provide a high-level overview of a tried-and-tested system that takes a customer on a purchase journey. With the right support tools, systems and processes, you can easily scale your business beyond levels imaginable!

So, what is your current main challenge in growing your business? Are you getting enough traffic and leads to your website? Are you converting these visitors to audiences and buyers?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the comments section below.

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