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How to transition from education to a digital start-up in three easy steps

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How can you make a successful transition from education to running a digital entrepreneurial start-up? Let’s look at the three of these opportunities you can exploit to your advantage:

Learn the soft skills

Most of what you learn at the university is technical knowledge relating to your specific discipline. Most Educators assume professional competence and specialised domain knowledge is all you need to succeed upon leaving campus. But the world you and I live in is far more complicated than that. Technical proficiency is a requirement, but insufficient for a successful vocational life.

Attitude is critical, but most disciplines do not teach it. A bad attitude can and does lead to adverse career outcomes. How can you, therefore, learn the skills that will give you the consummate character?

It is by learning the soft skills such as communication skills, self-awareness, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, empathy, etc. Most of these skills are available as digital content beyond the classroom or lecture halls. They are short, snackable content you can consume conveniently. Many digital platforms teach these skills. For one, you can watch value content on and acquire invaluable and transformative life skills. Make a habit of consuming this digital content to learn the soft skills required beyond your technical expertise.

Connect with others through student entrepreneurship ventures

Practical exposure to the market environment is essential in building an entrepreneurship culture. Many influencers realise that a campus can be a conducive environment to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship. The campus is also a relatively safe environment to take risks and learn from the experiences.

There is thus increased support to student entrepreneurial ventures in the institutions of learning around the world. These are platforms that act as bridges between education and the market. Participate actively in them. If none exists in your institution, start one! Get exposure to an entrepreneurship world and make connections while in the education environment. Listen to inspiring youth entrepreneurship podcasts such as the YouthBiz podcast, where eminent young entrepreneurs share their success stories.

Be an innovator and bring new ideas and solutions

Innovators and entrepreneurs gave birth to the current digital economy. These are disruptors who do not adhere to the status quo. Numerous entrepreneurship studies (John Gallaugher, 2018), show that people are at their innovative peak in their youths. That is why young people lead the majority of digital start-ups.

As a young person, step forward and bring those ideas into your world. Be inspired by higher ideals to make your world a better place than you found it. Renew your mind by consuming value content that will inspire you to think only the best thoughts and ideas. Study the environment around you, recognise the market opportunity, and reach out to meet that human need.

So, get started today. Launch out and be counted!



  3. John Gallaugher. (2018). Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology. Boston, MA: FlatWorld
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