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     2 Corinthians 5: 21; It is an oxymoron to say you are a Christian and a sinner. You can be either but you cannot be both.

     Colossians 1: 21- 22 lets us know we are holy and blameless. Is a crawling child a reptile and less human? At that stage, he is still learning. And it is the job of the matured adults around to encourage the child to try taking his first step and his next.

     Just because you gave your life to Christ does not mean you automatically stop all bad habits. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, you can consciously start doing the right thing. Calling yourself a sinner is not humility, it is calling God a liar; Romans 8: 1- 2.

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By Lade

Hallo!! I am Omolade Ola. I am a member of Believers' LoveWorld Morgan State Chapter, USA Group 3. I am also a part of the ever Glorious and Gracious Luminaries of the BLW Nation. I love creative writing, brainstorming for innovative ideas, gisting and also working on my articles for this blog. I recently graduated from Morgan State University with my BSc in Electrical Engineering. I also love to bake and I ran a snack business in my senior year at college that saw 800% profit within 6 months, for a year. My mantra starting beginning this year is to learn at least one skill each year. Furthermore, I am a lover of music; I like to say I breathe music. Side note: I love watching Korean series for fun.

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