December 4, 2020

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I Attended a Drama And Received Salvation

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I am Moses Nyaimwa, being born in a Christian family 10 years ago felt like it was my direct ticket to heaven, I attended Sunday school (in my Childhood) and was actually among the top but still, I was committed to attending church, but I had not taken a step to give my heart to Christ. When I was 13 yrs I joined my Dad in town (Kisumu, Kenya). Things were a bit different in town there was a lot of peer pressure and also the pressure of fitting in the new society. The young people I met didn’t take church serious and they said it was ‘old fashion’.  I started attending church with some of them who were actually my classmates.

My turning point happened 2 yrs later on April 17th 2009 when I got an invite to a Play/drama in Church titled ‘Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames’. My younger sister was part of the cast so attending this program was to support her too. I didn’t know what to expect so apparently I had no expectation, but just to see my younger sister act. So as always, I was seated with my peers, we used to sit at the gallery during every service chatting and talking till the time service ended. My dad was a church elder so I wouldn’t even contemplate missing service. So I can tell you no sermon moved us cause we actually didn’t hear anything; always busy talking about any other thing that wasn’t Church related.

A Facebook Invitation of the Same Program

That evening we secured a nice view, the church had been modified in a captivating way to suit the occasion. Then we were given very strict instruction not to record or use our phones, well this day we became so disciplined and followed instructions. The lights were switched off and it was total darkness and only the stage could be seen, the play captured everyone’s attention and it was basically talking about various people who either went to heaven or hell based on whether they accepted Christ or not. It felt so real so emotional tears were all of us, I mean I saw how heaven was real. My sister illuminating costumes, I was in astonished It was like Angels descending. Various activities happened in the play that really drew my attention to the reality of Heaven and Hell. Oh, I believed that Christianity is real and that I have to make the decision myself. When they called for people to receive Christ I was the first to stand, My friends, joined me as we rushed to give our lives to Christ. The highest number of souls won on that day were from the gallery. My dad was there leading more people to Christ as other Elders were doing. The souls won on that day were 321 majorities being the young people.

It has been 10 years am still glad I made that decision it has never been the same, my life has grown from one level of Glory to another. I have also won over 3000 souls in the last 6 years. Thank you for reading My salvation story being born in a Christian family is not a guarantee of your salvation but it should prompt you to take a step. If you would like to know about being born again you can Click here. If you would like to Give your Life to Christ Click here.

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