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I care for my accessories, Do you?

Someone once told me that ‘accessories can create, make or break an outfit’ how true.

If you recall in my last post on Fashion on Budget, at the beginning I said ‘Fashion influences not only what we wear but also what we do, think and say’ but this time, your choice of accessories influences your fashion sense. It influences your outfit and interprets the meaning of your outfit.

Accessories are unique, timeless, classic, indispensable piece in fashion that remains in fashion even as years go by. They add what we call ‘’Finishing touch’ to your outfit but you have to be knowledgeable as to how to care for them.



Jewelries (necklace, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, cuff links)

Hats/Face Caps/Berets



Belts and suspenders


Wrist watches


Eye glasses

All of these and maybe more are our major accessories and we’ll look into how to care for them one  by one.

First on our list today is SHOES….Yaaaay








I’m super excited for this one cos I LOVE shoes. I call shoes “Voice of the outfit” cos they speak maybe we don’t hear them…hehehehe

Shoes like Heels, Sneakers, Flats, Boots etc  it is believed that they reveal a lot about us.

Someone once said ”A well-kept shoe shows how important you believe it is to give a positive image of yourself by paying painstaking attention to every detail of your appearance, starting from your feet.”

There are several ways to care for your shoes but i’m just going to be sharing few familiar tips

  1. Have an organize shoe closet. This goes for male, female, young and old whether your shoes are placed on the floor or in a shoe rack ensure it is well organized.







2. Don’t pile your shoes on top of each other.








3. Avoid placing things on your shoes.

Things like books, clothes or even bags don’t placed them on your shoes











4. Clean and polish them regularly.

Just incase you’re to busy to clean your shoe closet regularly, make sure you get someone to do that for you it is very important.



5. Avoid dragging your feet when walking.

Often times African mothers say to their children ‘stop dragging your feet on the floor’. Why should you drag your feet on the floor when walking. There is absolutely no sense in wearing out the soles of your shoes. Pick up your feet when you walk and walk like a king.

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