January 25, 2021

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Women absolutely love handbags more and the list of reasons is just endless.

Handbags are one of the simplest yet useful and important accessories in today’s fashion. They are an essential part of accessory for both male and female to give a complete look.

It is a trending fashion accessory…A major one. Handbags are fashion statements that enhance our look and personality.

The MOST significant benefit of handbag is that you can carry all the things you need in one place without having to hassle to look for them just when you need them.  They also have the power to add a dash of glamour and class to your outfit.



Whether you buy your handbag from the street market or from the biggest mall, if you don’t care for it properly you might not enjoy it for as long as you want to or intend to.

Let’s look at few familiar tips together on how you can care for your handbags

  1. Keep your handbags on a shelf or get a handbag hook for closet (they are of different types though) and if you find that a little expensive for now, get a clean cloth and spread on the floor in a corner in your room and place your handbags on it but ensure you keep that cloth clean which leads to my next post.











2. Do not keep your handbags on the bare floor








3. Have an inner clutch purse where you keep your liquids (perfumes etc) and even your makeup in. This helps you to keep your handbag clean and tidy. For instance you get to avoid the spillage of foundation or any other liquid in your handbag.








It also helps you to find your products easily when switching handbags. Also ensure that your pen is capped before you keep it in your handbag.


4. Switch handbags from time to time. This helps you to maintain your handbags and keep it new always.








5. Do not dispose your dust bags keep your handbags in it. It helps to protect your handbags especially when you’re not using them.









6. Do not overstuff your handbag.








7. Make sure you empty the content in your handbag and dust off after using.









8. Clean when it’s dusty BUT don’t over clean because not all bags require constant cleaning especially with baby wipes.








When you take good care of your handbags, their value can be retained over time.

Feel free to share your comments and ask questions if you have any. See you in my next post on wristwatch especially for men who tend to have a big thing for it. You’ll love it

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