January 27, 2021

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Like every other accessories, wrist watch is a classic fashion accessory called a timepiece worn by an individual round the wrist which is the reason I think its called a wrist watch. No jewelry wardrobe is complete without a wrist watch and a good outfit is not complete without a wrist watch to complement it but most importantly it keeps us updated with time by helping us keep track of the day or night.

Even though our mobile phones displays time, wrist watch is still the best timepiece when it comes to keeping track of time because it helps us to know the total number of hours we have in a day.

It is believed by some that wearing a stylist wrist watch commands attention… instant one at that and that it brings out the quality you have within.

Apart from the fact that it helps us keep track of time, I think it helps you value time more and understanding this value can change your outlook on life. You become more conscious about the things you need to do and doing them at the right time. Our smartphones most times or let me say sometimes cause distractions to us at work but our wrist watch doesn’t.

With the advancement of technology in our day, we now have modern wrist watches that displays date, day, month and year, sets alarm, helps in calculations, Bluetooth, receiving calls and many more.

A good wrist watch is an investment, the value increases over time and that’s one of its biggest advantage. I read on The New York Times how a single wrist watch was sold for $15.5million which became the most expensive sold at auction. Another advantage of a good wrist watch is its functionality. It can work for months or even years on a self powered cell battery unlike our mobile phones that we have to charge once the battery runs down.

Watches are built to last and that’s why they need to be looked after thoroughly. Bear these few tips in mind and your timepiece will remain loyal to you for a long time

  • Store your wrist watches in a watch case or box. If you don’t store properly, all the cleaning won’t make any difference.
  • Clean your watch frequently. If the band of your wrist watch is leather, then make sure it doesn’t come in contact with water, grease, perfume etc. Use a damp cloth to clean gently. If you use a metal wrist watch, ensure you clean immediately after been worn. Sweat can make your metal watch rust. Avoid extreme cold and heat that’s why it is advisable to keep them store in your watch case or box.
  • Know your wrist watch’s water resistant.
  • Keep far away from magnet especially your metal watches.
  • Always get your wrist watches serviced by a professional.

Wrist watches are one of the best classic fashion accessories for daily usage

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly reach out in the comment section and don’t forget to always be classic all for the Master’s use


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