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Imagine you had to live in an overcrowded town with a population of a 100,000 which lacks proper sanitation,access to basic amenities and a constant outbreak of endemics and epidemics, as sexually transmitted disease is also constant.

Well, the City of kibera which is a division of Nairobi area of kenya, features this shortcomings of a town unfit for normal human survival.
kibera, 6.6kilometer from the city centre is the largest slum in Africa with its residents living in extreme poverty, earning less than 1.00$ per day. Most residents of the kibera City cannot afford the educational expense.

Despite that this city houses fifth of the Kenya’s population, it wasn’t featured in government plans until of recent.

An undeniable contribution made by the government and Non-governmental organisation includes; recently built toilets, tarredroads, police stations, working street lights and provisions of clean water.

Still, the city’s major challenge is that 50% of their population remains unemployed and eradication of this poverty has been reported might not be achieved even in 2030.

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