December 4, 2020

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Live The Way You Want To Be Remembered!

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Life is an awe-inspiring experience if lived well. The author of it (GOD) is altruistic, so to its source it conforms. Nobody is obliged or coerced to comply with certain precepts of life, it merely dishes out options to us. How to live it well is conferred in the best interests of the beholder. Be it in an honourable or despicable manner, it’s an unfettered choice allotted without compulsion.

There are myriad of reasons to live decently, on the other hand, the mischievous vindicate their lifestyle and believe their conscience is clean even though their deeds are vile. It’s not really newfangled and trending beneath the skies, even Apostle Paul lived in his faulty conscience serving his religion yet he thought he was living right. But thanks be to God, eventually he was situated in the truth, reformed and lived accordingly. His name today is engraved in the sands of history. We read of his great impact on humanity and how he was purposefully used by God to proclaim His wisdom and knowledge with signs and wonders following.

On the day of physical demise it’s either you will be acknowledged as an icon of virtue, vile or tepid. You are the one to stage a certain mind-set concerning you at the back of the minds of the folks in your sphere of contact. You are who you constitute yourself to be, not what other folks think or say about you. Of course, folks can influence your life, but it’s up to you to countenance their influence to germinate and come into fruition in your life. You are the only architect your life depends on. Remember not every brick is utile, not every mixture of mortar is strong. It’s your obligation to determine the right and necessary material necessitated to constitute a substantial and reliable structure. Your life is a structure that necessitates tenacious allegiance without meandering from the course of erecting it into an awesome wonder that conveys awe to many. Whether it will gain acknowledgement even after you are long gone, from generation to generation, it’s up to you. Without neglecting reality, not every renown is worthy of praise. Some are acknowledged for their honourable deeds, for others, nefariousness is the rationale for their renown. You are the reason behind your status!

Envisage your entire life, from the day of birth to the day you weave the universe goodbye, being produced into a number of series and episodes of a movie. The kind of a flick which vitrine every inch of action, movement, word, thought and any other things you would have done in your course of life. Ideate the sky being used to screen the chronicle of your life so that every living being will have the privilege to ascertain how you lived. Will the flick of your tale be worthy watching? Will you not be mortified with the way you lived your life?

Thanks be to the Lord Almighty because nothing of that sort is ever to happen. We really have to be cautious, anyway, with the way we live even though we owe nobody under the sun an account of how we live our lives. Will it not be wonderful if generation to generation could be able to picture out the kind of a person you were merely by beholding the beautiful works you would have radicated? Your life should inspire others, even those to be situated here after you. Dare to convey a positive alteration. Your existence should not be in vain, but be a life that conveys a praiseworthy alteration that will not be easily forgotten. Your name and deeds should be tattooed in the minds of every generation. It’s not about contending, being renowned or constituting immense things. A small positive impact inspired by virtuous motives in your sphere of contact will let your name be retained in the hearts of many and the sand of history. Not because acknowledgement will be your quest, but definitely, you will earn it along the way. At times your good deeds may not amplify recognition, but live in the right and necessary way anyway. At the end it’s not about having everybody applauding for you. If it means only one person will say “well done”! That will be an impact worthy of praise. “Well Done” is always better than, “Well Said”!

Like I always say, ‘everybody has a purpose to live and potentials to unleash. Our existence is not by gamble or by fortuity, but a purpose that needs to be fulfilled.’ We are all seeds that must germinate to become fruitful forests. Every one of us is gestating something to deliver to the world. Indeed, you are not coerced to unleash your potentials. It’s up to you, either to birth them or abort them!

God is our creator. In the process of creating us, He instilled something in each of us to folk out to the world. No manufacturer can manufacture a useless product and still send it to the intended market. Rejects will never find themselves in the actual market, but rather, it’s either they will be disposed or used for other things. By sending us here on earth, we were tried and proven that we are able. We are in the market, therefore, we are obliged to do what we were created for. It is the manufacturer that determines the product to be made and its intended purpose. God created us with reasons. By fulfilling our purpose, every need under the sun will be met, and every problem will find its solution. In turn, our world will become a better place than how we met it.

Every living being is capable of leaving a name engraved on the tables of history. It’s not something that can be done by the few elected or bound, we are all eligible because we have the ability to do something. At the time of birth, we are all potential forests hidden in tiny seeds waiting for our appointed time to germinate and develop to become what we are meant to be and fulfil our purpose. Along the way of fulfilling our purpose we will be effecting a positive alteration in our sphere of contacts. Unfortunately, only a few are able to unleash the God-given potentials within. Let this not be your story. Leave an inheritance for your world. There is always a great somebody in you. For great are you; great were you created!

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