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Making Right Decisions Pt 1

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Part One.

Making decisions is vital for every living being. Everything happening in our lives is as a result of decisions made at some point, be it by you or by someone else. Of course there are certain things we cannot determine; for instance, one’s race or complexion or one’s wish to be on earth forever- nature simply takes its course. However, things like being, rich or poor, sick or healthy, happy or sad, amongst other things, are a direct result of decisions made at some point.

The life of an individual depends on the quality of decisions made, whether consciously or unconsciously. If poor decisions are made, automatically, the quality of life will be poor. On the other hand, good decisions will lead to a top quality life. Decisions shape and mold our lives.
Decisions that were made yesterday will affect us today and in the future to come, and those we are making and yet to make, are also a reflection of what our future will be like.

Most of the chaos in the world can be attributed to poor decisions being implemented. If more people make the right decisions, decisions that aren’t at the expense of others, selfless decisions, you’ll find that very few people will be poor, ill or sad.
The one who makes wise decisions attracts joy, happiness, health and wealth.

As you grow, making decisions pertaining to your life becomes a personal responsibility. Unfortunately, some are living their lives according to other people’s decisions.

Someone out there is studying a certain program in a college or at a university not because he decided to, but because the decision was made for him.
Someone is married, not because he/she chose to get married, but because, peradventure, his/her parents made the decision.
It doesn’t have to be that way. After all, you are the one who is going to live that life, whether good or bad decisions have been made for you, not anyone else. Your life should be a personal responsibility. I’m not implying that external forces like parents, peers or the government shouldn’t interfere. What l mean is, they shouldn’t make the final decision for you. Their views should be presented to you as suggestions, not ultimate decisions. It’s good to get some career guidance and advice, but the final decision should be yours to make. Allowing external forces to make final decisions over your life will definitely affect your future.

Imagine having this conversation with someone:
Question: What are you studying?
Response: I’m studying Politics.
Question: What do you want to be in life? (You probe a little farther.)
Response: Actually, I’m not sure.
Question: What inspired you to study politics?
Response: My parents told me l should study that!

It’s a shame that so many people have graduated with degrees they were expected to acquire in spite of their own interests. It’s very good to obey our parents and elders, but they should leave room for us to make the decisions that will determine the course of our lives. In life, you shouldn’t do things just because someone close or respected told you to. Do the right things, those which make you happy, but will not have a negative impact on others.

Ask yourself:
What am l passionate about?
Provided there are no limitations at all, what will my life be like?
What kind of car, house, wife or husband, career or friends does l intend to have?
Lastly, how will l achieve all this?

If you were able to provide answers to these questions, you might have already reached the highest level of independence. This is where everything concerning your life is directly under your control. That’s what making your own decisions means.

Under this topic, I will walk you through a few critical areas in life that require careful decision making. Failure to make wise decisions in these areas will result in complications. Please take note of those areas.

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