January 18, 2021

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Make The Right Decisions About Your Career.

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‘How do l decide what to pursue as a career?’

 A career is an occupation for which you are trained, and will make a living. Most importantly, it should be something you enjoy doing, even without benefiting directly from it. For instance, someone might decide to be a soccer player simply because he loves playing soccer, regardless of the fact that he can make a living out of it.

Your question now might be, ‘How do l decide what to pursue as a career?’
I discovered 3 main ways of deciding on a career path, (there could be more).

i. Academics.

The most common way of deciding on a career is by considering an academic qualification. This is particularly true in Africa where it is strongly believed that education is the key to success. This fails to acknowledge the fact that other factors play an important role too.
After so many years in school, one might choose to consider the strength in one subject as over another, hence, the choice of a certain career. For example, one might have a deeper understanding and passion for Economics, resulting in the decision to become an Economist. Another might be great with numbers, hence, becoming a Mathematician or an Accountant.

Education unlocks the potential within. It leads one to the goldmine deep inside.

To become a great Accountant, one has to go through a certain process.
Accounting consists of principles which need to be mastered; this is made possible through the learning process. This is why it’s important to take our academic work seriously. Some gifts are discovered through education; you will never know them until you go to school. However, always remember that getting an education is not the only way to make it in life.

ii. Talents

A talent is something innate; it’s something that’s present at birth, and cannot be taken away by anyone. Unlike an acquired skill, a talent cannot be passed from one person to another it’s God-given. In other words, it’s natural, it’s inborn -you cannot run away from it. Nonetheless, the decision to use it or not lies with you.

Let’s take singing, for instance, when you discover that you have a beautiful voice you may choose to pursue music as a career. Without mentioning names, there is someone in this world who was profoundly in love with music, both composing and singing, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up, went to school, studied some other things, but her talent remained. Now she earns a living from music and is one of the best Gospel artists in the world.

Don’t sit on the talent God blessed you with, use it. Being a natural skill, it’s something you love doing even on a daily basis. Doing it gives you pleasure. Note that l didn’t say what you love doing is your talent.

If you can make a living out of your talent, feel free to do so. Freedom is when you gladly do what you want without restraint. Use your talent for the good of mankind. Do what makes your heart sing.

¡¡¡. Passion.

Last but not least, a career can be derived from one’s passion for something.
Some people are so passionate about certain things to the extent that they stick to their commitments in spite of the challenges. They find satisfaction in getting things done. Such people stop at nothing, they keep on pushing even when it seems like the whole world is against them.
Passion isn’t directly related to talent, passion seasoned with discipline goes way beyond undisciplined talent.

For instance, one’s passion for football may be sparked simply by watching a talented footballer play the game. Although the skill might not be innate, this passionate person may become the best footballer if the right amount of diligence and discipline are added to his passion. A passionate person doesn’t just look at his/her capabilities, but also believes that anything is possible. He works on his game until it comes out of him naturally.

Many businesses today were not established because the founders were educated or extremely talented. Instead, they emerged because the owners were passionate about something. Today, thousands if not millions of businesses have been established because certain individuals hold on to their passion. One can be passionate about something, without being educated or talented in that field, but still become very successful.

l am deeply convinced that these three ways are a guide to how one can choose a career wisely- a career that won’t cost his/her life in the future.
A career should always be based on your interests regardless of the financial reward, something that you love doing. Don’t let your parents, school authorities, the government, or anyone else choose a career path for you. Accept their advice, acknowledge the career guidance you’re given, but don’t go and study Accounting because that’s what your parents want you to study. I tell you, failure to choose a career wisely will result in that career becoming a burden to you.

Choose Your Career Wisely!

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