January 27, 2021

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5 Tips for Managing Working From Home

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This period of the Coronavirus pandemic many seem to have opened there eyes to seek opportunities online. Companies have resulted in working remotely from home. More than 6 months ago many did not believe in working from home and working online. In fact 2 years ago one of my friends stopped working online (which paid him much) just because his father believed that isn’t a job.  The dad would give him this quote “Kijana wachana na mambo ya kompyuta toka nje utafute Kazi” Swahili statement to mean “Young man leave computer things, go out and look for a job” Well he left a 700$ job online to go for a 360$ job. Now apparently he is working from home during this period, which seems to be a similar work he used to. Let me first say this categorically, online work is work.

Well in this period there is so much to learn on how to work from home if you weren’t used to it. I have always loved working online, and I prefer it to the other jobs, my main reason being the ability to work for different companies as a freelancer and the end of day diversify. This one of the careers many should desire to do.  How do you manage to work from home during this period and in future? Here is my list on handling and managing working from home.

1. You are at work

This should be your number one thing in your mind. I know at home we seem to have a lot of distractions but you must be focused. For parents, the first thing you would even do is have a meeting with your children explain to them. Let them know why you aren’t going to the office and give them rules. Tell them mummy or Daddy is going to be busy from this time to this time. They will surely understand you unlike you always shouting at them yet you didn’t even tell them in the first place. This should also make you value your work.

2. Location

You have to select the perfect working location; this location should be free from noise, distractions. If you have an option of the bedroom then don’t work from the bed this may make you tend to go back to sleep. Your lounge or sitting room may not be perfect if you want to keep your TV on. If that is your option then switch off your TV and be in working posture make it look like an office.



3. Thou shalt not go to the Kitchen

I really wanted to make this sound like a law, which I think I have achieved. Well, I know the temptations of always going to the kitchen countless time. It shouldn’t be the case, remember there is always a goal to achieve each day. This goal has a specific set time to achieve it, if you are going to have unnecessary breaks to the kitchen you will find yourself not achieving it. Have a short break and lunch, if necessary prepare what you going to eat during the lunch period between 7 am and 8 am. You shouldn’t overeat too keep it healthy.


4. Routine

You got to have a clear weekly and daily routine; this will help you manage your time well. Routine will also help determine how far from the goal you are. This will also help you avoid too many distractions like your smartphone. If you are to use your phone use it for work purpose only.

5. Technology

Working from home calls for having virtual meetings (video conferences), you have to be at per with technologies like video conferencing software and how to do so. Have an understanding of how you can collaborate with your team members by utilizing the use of Applications both Mobile and PC. We will talk about this in our next article. Learn how to grow in your skills by checking this article. Where are you working from? Kindly share your location in the comment section.

Remember working from home is working!



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