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The lockdown is going to be over soon, and I bet with the resumption of normal activities you wanna savour everything activity has to offer? Well, this article was written to give you choices of activities you would want to engage in, across three states in Nigeria.



This is the first city on our list. It is the capital city of Akwa Ibom. This city is bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers State and Abia State, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. For years the city of Uyo has been on the top bucket list of most travellers.

Here are a couple of places you should visit if you are in Akwa Ibom.

  • Ibom Tropicana Entertainment centre:
    This centre mirrors the famous Disneyland in the United States.
    It has a 14storey five-star hotel, a game park, a shopping mall and a cinema.
  • Presbyterian Church: Fancy History?
    Take a tour guide at the Presby church
    built by Mary Slessor. Entrance is free.
  • Ibeno beach: if you like surfing or any other beachy activity, then you should add going to the beach to your list
  • Go shopping at Ibom plaza: shopping at the Ibom plaza is one of the best things to do in this city. I totally recommend this activity

P.s Going shopping is number one for me?

  • Oron museum: you would love her if you appreciate wood carvings and History. The Oron museum houses relics from the national civil war.
    It is easily accessible from the Akwa Ibom national airport(it takes 45 minutes from the airport)

Pro Tip: Transport fare within Uyo is quite expensive. If you would engage in all these activities, you might want to have a separate budget for your transportation.


The next on our list is the former capital of Nigeria. It is the sixth-largest city in the world.
Being the busiest city in Nigeria
there are quite a lot of engaging things for you to do.

  • the Talkway Bay: it is one of the islands located along the Atlantic coast. It is an artificial island created when the Lagos harbour was constructed.
    The Bay is accessible by a 20-minute boat ride from Victoria island and also from the marina(cms).

Pro tip: it’s best to visit the Talkway bay weekdays, and also the talkway Bay is a cool place for photographs!

  • The longest canopy walk in Africa: if you are a lover of extreme activity, You can brave the longest Canopy walk. It is located at Lekki epe expressway Lagos.

  • The Nigerian National museum: Browse the national museum for artefacts, relics, and histories.
  • Wander freedom park: this park has it all!!
    Fun, games, green space, food courts and it offers a good spot for picnics.
    Gate fee is free.
  • Terra culture: if you are an art enthusiast, be my guest at the Terra culture. It offers a great opportunity for you to connect with artists, their work and to top it all, to be educated.


This is the capital city of Nigeria. It is located in the centre of the country.
Although the way of life here is quite stereotyped, you could still have a superb time here.

  • Guara falls: The guara fall is located between Sulha and Monna. It is an hour drive from Abuja.
    Its serenity offers a Perfect Place for meditation and picnic.
  • Magic land Amusement park: looking for a place to have fun? The magic land Amusement offers leisure garden, rides and games.
  • Jabi Boat Ride: Boat rides are quite fascinating. You shouldn’t miss out on taking the Jabi boat ride.
  • Lounge at Sueno: Have a great evening with friends and family at Sueno lounge. Enjoy karaoke, the live band and the mouth-watering meals!
  • Silverbird cinema: Not everyone considers seeing the movies in cinemas as outing, but if you are a movie enthusiast you would totally love this place
P.S: We hope the Covid-19  ends soon and you have the best time of your life outside. Stay safe.


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