Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

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Self-awareness vs Christ-awareness

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‘AWARENESS’ word written on wooden blocks. With blurred vintage styled background.

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I was thinking and having a moment with The Lord one morning and something striking came to my mind.
In our millennial generation, theories and concepts such as self-awareness are praised and considered to be the new “woke”, but this is what He showed me …

As a Christian, you are in Christ, it’s like you are a single drop of water in a big ocean (Christ).
Being born again, your life is hidden in Christ. So just like that single drop of water in the big ocean, there is no distinction between you and Him, you are in Him and thereby one with Him.

Hence, self-awareness would be to focus on that single drop of water, whereas you are encapsulated in a whole ocean!
So why be self-aware instead when you can be Christ-aware?

You are in Him, being aware of Him is being aware of you, the real you.
It’s being aware of who He’s made you, not who you think you are or who the world portrays you to be …
Choose Christ-awareness over self-awareness!


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