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Inside story
Northern Nigeria

The northern part of nigeria which has been recognised and appreciated for its beauty and serenity, has in recent times served as a scene for violence, terrorism and insurgency.

In this post particularly, we would have a look at the state of Kaduna, which is located at the Northwest of nigeria.

Having a majority of its population as Muslims, over decades, the state of Kaduna has experienced successive religious crisis and violent attacks.

The rigasa town of kaduna, a prominent urban slum which has not only faced issues of insurgency or insecurity, has been in constant exposure to highly contagious diseases like the cases of measles outbreaks among children which waa reported.

Governmental agencies and non -governmental agencies has employed different efforts to enhance the quality of life of the residents of Kaduna state.

One of the contributions made by a non -governmental organisation which has indeed impacted lives in kaduna , was the send portion campaign organised by the innercity missions.

Children were given food items and gift packs.A total of 1,502 was recorded to be in attendance.

Indeed, the campaign was a welcome development towards creating a new kaduna, safe for all its inhabitants.

Report from CE Northern region virtual.


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