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Inside story.

I remember when my geography teacher back in secondary school, gave his final class assessment quiz before we sat for the waec examination. He asked everyone in my class to pick a number and he would ask a question according to the number you chose. I remembered I chose the number 4 .

P.S My question was the toughest he had on his list.

The question was,  “which  state in nigeria is the largest city by geographical area?”

I didn’t get it right.

The answer as I found out later, is  the city of Ibadan.

The City of Ibadan which is the third most populous City in nigeria. it’s also the largest by geographical area.

Having a population of over 6million and improper management by it’s government, it is therefore inevitable for the city of Ibadan not to develop innercities(slums), squatter areas and unplanned outskirts.

The innercities area of Ibadan is characterised with the abscence of water, abscence of drainage, poverty and deteriorated houses. Major Challenges that has faced the inhabitants of Ibadan City, has been the issue of flooding and housing challenges.

The flooding issues in the city of Ibadan has rendered many homeless and displaced. Spanning over thousands of children that were displaced.

The preventive measure to this predicament,as identified by the leaders of Ibadan City was the “urban City master plan in nigeria”. This plan has kicked off and it is still in process. Social media accounts were created, to enlighten the public about this ongoing project.

It therefore remains , challenges of poverty and unhealthy environments the inhabitants of Ibadan faces, and this has been left untackled  by the government of Ibadan.

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