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The four personal impacts of digital disruption – Part One

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The four personal impacts of digital disruption  – Part One

The young people affectionately called the Millennials and Generation Z, live in a new digital economy, where business and technology come together. It’s a fascinating economy, full of extraordinary opportunities.

In these pages of the blog, we take a journey through this fascinating digital market economy, exploring its many facets, and bringing light and clarity to a sometimes bewildering world. With this blog article, we are mapping out the content journey ahead, which is a story of success and impact in the digital market economy.

Welcome aboard!

Digital technologies fuel the digital economy. These are technologies that function on the backbone of the internet and network connectivity. They are sweeping the entire world, affecting every facet of a young person’s life. For young people, these impacts can be observed in four main areas: impacts at a personal level, in the education environment, in one’s professional career, and one’s entrepreneurship business venture.

In this two-part article, I explore these four personal impacts of digital disruption.

Digital Disruption in your personal life

The daily mundane things of life have become digital. We live in smart homes with connected appliances able to transmit data to each other via the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. We live an ‘Appy life’; there is a software and mobile application for almost everything imaginable. Your refrigerator sends alerts advising you to replenish your food stock. Your smartwatch monitors your health status and sends alerts about any aspect of your health – heartbeat rate, fitness level, etc. Even the way we consume media content at home has changed. We consume content via internet streaming and videos. For example, we enjoy wholesome Christian content on Loveworld Networks via internet streaming on various digital platforms – Cable TV and mobile devices.

Technology has changed the way we learn

The education system is also at the cusp of change. It is adopting digital technologies at breath-taking speed, transforming teaching and learning. Education Technology, famously known as EdTech, is revolutionising the way students learn and acquire knowledge and skill. Physical textbooks are giving way to digital content. The student has access to vast resources to support learning. The role of the Educator and the student in the teaching and learning encounter is changing. Learning is becoming self-directed, with the student taking charge of his or her learning. The Educator curates learning, creating learning experiences such as collaboration, self-enquiry and experimentation.

Social media has also entered the learning space through collaborative digital technologies, such as wiki learning pages, web conferencing and, Facebook pages for courses and subjects. Physical teaching boards are giving way to smart boards and slide decks by Educators. Assessments happen real-time using digital platforms. It’s a whole new world of learning!

In part two of the article, I will look at impacts on your career and entrepreneurship venture. So, how are digital technologies impacting your lifestyle? Do you use any digital technologies for educational purposes? Drop me a comment below and let’s have a conversation.

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