December 4, 2020

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THE KING’S KID ~ Introduction

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THE KING’S KID~ Introduction 

“Christianity is not about changing you, rather, it’s about showing you who you really were created to be”.



Replace strong one with your name


Strong one

You are born of God

Your origin is not in the Big Bang


Strong one 

You are not a child of chance 

You’re not an accident to the world


Strong one 

Your lineage is of champions

You’re not an ordinary being


Strong one 

You were created to rule and reign 

You won before you began


Strong one 

The challenges are bread 

Your life has a meaning


Strong one

The weapon that will destroy you has not been created 

Lift up your eyes and see the impossible


Strong one 

Jesus died and rose for you 

Sin has no place in you


Strong one 

Your words carry power

Sickness and death have no place in you


Strong one 

You’re the child of a king

It’s time to act like it


The Kings Kid is a series written to enlighten you about who you really are. Until you know who you are and what you carry you cannot live life to your fullest potential. By the end of this series, you will begin to walk in your divinely orchestrated destiny however, there’s a step you must take first. You need to know that Jesus Christ died and rose again for you. All it takes to begin to live the life of victory over all circumstances is simply to believe in your heart that Jesus died and rose again, and to confess with your mouth that he is the lord of your life.


If you made that confession, kindly leave a comment below and I will communicate with you further. You can also refer to my article “A gift worth opening” for more information. Thank you for reading this article, I trust I will see you next time.


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