December 4, 2020

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Un-contend-able Power 

“As a child of God, even your fingernails carry a lot of  power” -Pastor Benny Hinn

A few months ago,

I woke up around about 3 am. My eyes were shut but I could vividly see my surroundings. I saw my mirrors, my ottoman, and my dresser, as though my eyes were open. I was in sort of a trance, and I began to see what I thought was a vision. But, after careful review, it had to be reality. In the vision, I saw a very odd figure looming in the background. I looked closer and realized it was a demon.

I geared up to call upon the name of Jesus and cast it out. But immediately I heard a voice say to me “disregard it, it can’t harm you”. My resolve softened. The voice explained to me that the demon was powerless but tries to make up for its weakness by looking scary. The figure ran off once it realized I wasn’t phased.

The voice explained to me that the demon couldn’t even come near me if it tried. He explained further that the power of God in me supersedes any demon and they know that there’s no point trying. I woke up moments later and the vision/trance ended.

Dear child of God you must know who you are and what you carry.  In the realm of the spirit, you are a mighty warrior! Demons see the glory of God on and in you and tremble. So the devil’s resolve is to convince you to see yourself outside the eyes of God. Because he knows as long as you look from the outside, you will never become all God had designed for you. As a Christian, you are a carrier of the power of God. Even your little toe carries more power than a million of the boldest and bravest warriors throughout history summed up.

Until you know who you are, you can’t act accordingly which can be likened to a sleeping lion. A prey knows what the lion is capable of while awake. However, while the lion is asleep, it’s vulnerable and its powers are futile.

The same goes for you, Strong one. You have to wake up and understand who you are. Your lineage is of champions. Your lineage is of men and women who fought battles and returned victoriously. Your lineage is of Kings and Queens. Your lineage is of those who subdued kingdoms and altered decrees.

You are not of those begging for help; looking for handouts or suffering. Wake up and learn who you are. You’re the child of the King! It’s time to act like it.

Thank you for reading, I hope this enlightened you. It’s time to wake up and step into your end-time destiny. If you have any questions, comment below. Kindly comment and share the article with others. Feel free to read any of my other blog posts.

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