January 27, 2021

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No place for the King’s Kid

Do you know what a demon is?” -Unknown

In my last story, I revealed a portion of a vision I saw at night. There was more to the vision than what I initially revealed. During that vision, there were somethings I witnessed that shook me to the core.

From my room, I was transported to a hospital ward. I watched from a distance as the family members of a patient paced frantically outside her ward. I got closer and noticed the patient in her bed. Her eyes were dark and puffy, while her lips were white. She had several tubes in her nose. A few moments later, a doctor walked out of her room, with disappointment and sorrow written across her face, as she explained to the family that their daughter passed away. The girl’s mother uttered a gut-wrenching shriek.

I felt my chest tighten as my eyes got moist. The vision didn’t stop there. I was led to a room, where I witnessed a girl tear into her skin with a knife. I cringed as she sat on her bed still-faced and numb to the pain. She began to cry, not from the knife wounds but the invisible wound in her heart. I heard the voices echoing in her head, the thoughts she wished she could silence. She sat in her bed, helpless and oppressed wishing for all of it to end. I could see the day her choice was taken from her, helpless as she screamed: “please stop, get off me”. Underneath a body she laid, as the man had his way. If only I was stronger if only my dresses were longer her thoughts echoed as images of the incident flashed across her mind.

I wept profusely because I felt how much pain each person was going through. Oddly in the background looming, I heard laughing. I saw flashbacks of the vision at the hospital and the girl on her bed,I heard waves of cheer and chanting. I wondered where they came from. It was impossible for anyone to laugh during those events.

Moments later, I realized what a demon is. Demons, devils, principalities, and rulers of the dark forces true to their name are wicked. They’re vile, cruel, and celebrate demise. They get drunk off people’s pains and their thirst is quenched with the tears of the broken-hearted. They have a field day wreaking havoc in people’s lives especially the innocent and good. They belong in hell, burning in eternal suffering. To pay for all the lives they took and the minds they oppressed.They deserve the worst punishment.

Hell was created for demons, as their final sentence. Unfortunately one day, some of God’s creation will find themselves there. Not only because of their actions but the words they never said. They thought Christians were joking, exaggerating, and over spiritual. They were given the option to choose life over death but they didn’t accept it. If only they knew the magnitude of the decision they chose to make.

Hell is no place for the king’s kid because it wasn’t created for humans. But the devil in his corrupt nature refuses to go down alone. He is making several attempts to take some of God’s creation with him. Hell will not be a fun place, it will be each man to himself tormented every day for the rest of his life, regretting the decisions he made.

I wrote this to inform you that the world may seem evil. This is not because God is asleep, but because the earth is on lease. For everything that occurs, we have the power to permit or discontinue it. Demons are real and they work overtime to cause trouble in people’s lives. Christians are neither the enemy nor religious freaks. We’re your allies we want to enable you to choose life over death. I’d like to invite you to give your life to Christ because your eternal destiny should not be a gamble.

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