January 21, 2021

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The Right Pair of Trousers

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It feels so good to connect with you again in this last month of the year 2020😍

So this moment right here, is what I’ll call “The Men’s Moment”.

This article is quite special because I’ve got a very good friend of mine on this.

I wanted something for the men. Truth is they actually wanted something for themselves so let’s just say this article came on popular demand and like I said, it’s a “Men’s Moment”.

I wasn’t quite sure exactly how to go about it so I reached out to Ned Lawrence and he came through. Thank you, Ned! You can type your own THANK YOU to Ned in the comment section below. Lol

I hope you enjoy & learn from this as much as I did.

There you go…


Just as a nice pair of shoes or sneakers will be at the top list of any fashionable guy’s list of wear, the type of trousers he chooses to wear is essential. And funny enough, this particular detail, if gotten wrong, can mark down the whole effort put in the selection of the outfit as the waist down makes up for most of the body covered with fabric. In the light of this subtle argument of mine about how the trouser can make or bring down your look, my advice is to look out for what suits you. How? I’d share with you a bit of this and that on how you can choose, style or wear your trousers.


Now the fabric of the trousers you choose to wear for a particular occasion also plays a large role in the vibes you’d be giving off when you step into a gathering. You don’t want to enter a pumped up event looking like a Halloween costume instructor. In the same vein, you shouldn’t turn up at a casual function looking like you’re about to go on a trial. (🤣 just kidding)


Now I know we all have different lifestyles and different circles so, our tastes naturally may differ. But still, a good looking gentleman will stand out anywhere.

For those who have more of a casual lifestyle, corduroy trouser is the way.


Corduroy trousers have been overlooked many a time. And it’s funny how most people don’t wear them but, each time anyone wears it in the right gathering, such a person tends to stand out. If worn correctly and treated fairly, I can assure you a pair of corduroy trousers can be an indispensable pair of trousers.

However, they can be a bit warm. So, I’d suggest it be worn when the weather cools, especially in this part of the world where the sun is a great asset.


You can dress down on a black pair of corduroy trousers with a short-sleeved shirt. Throw in a pair of double monk strap soft-soled shoes, and boom! Welcome to Oxford!


Thank you for reading 😊

Don’t forget to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comment section below

See you soon





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