January 21, 2021

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Tips On How to Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best platforms I would recommend to anyone who wants to take his career to the next level. One thing I love about LinkedIn is the soberness of every post you encounter. It is the ‘the nowadays resume/CV’ with very unique features that are relevant to careers and career development. In the last article, I expounded on The Importance of Personal Branding in your Career, in this article am going to share tips on how to build your brand on LinkedIn.

     1. Keep it updated

Think about the last time you updated your Facebook or twitter details; a rare thing to do I can imagine however on LinkedIn it’s different you have to keep it updated. Perhaps you finished a course update it on your profile, you just finished a job ensure that is also updated, you got a new job include it there too. Each time you update about your new job, the website creates an update and asks your followers to congratulate you. This will help advertise you out to future employers. I got several job offers because I updated my profile.

     2. Content

I always say be a master of your field, get more knowledge in the field you are, don’t get too comfortable. This too works for LinkedIn as I said this is a very sober platform you don’t want to post vague posts. Your content must be objective in what you stand out for. For example, you are into photography; post your few photographs say something about them; talk of the various camera angle and why you took them that way. Let people know something about you in what you post. Avoid speaking ill about any company in your post you never know what the future holds for your career. I had a friend who lost a job in a very famous company here in Kenya just because two years prior to his interview he posted things about the company that were not true. Let your content be inspiring, encouraging, thoughtful, and professional and this works for commenting too.

          3. Profile Outlook

The first impression matters a lot; if you aren’t attractive no one will be interested in you. People always want to associate with people so in LinkedIn don’t put flowers or celeb or anything as your profile picture.

For your profile picture:

  • Get a very clear picture one of your best pictures, high quality.
  • It’s preferred to take a picture that you are alone; you don’t want to go for an interview and they can’t tell who they contacted.
  • Well this is a professional site don’t put the Snapchat effects

For your Cover page

  • Be creative you can even put a design like a business card there
  • If you own a company consider posting there your company logo
  • Put a picture that is related to what you do too.

Other places to update for your profile

Headline: A LinkedIn headline appears under your name, you can call it a tag. It defines your major role, you can write one in about 120 characters 2-3 sentences. Well, for me am coat of many colours I prefer my headline be what am currently doing or current company am working for however let your headline be an answer to whoever might be looking for you. Be creative this may be what my get you noticed. My headline has given me more 12 calls from companies which want me to work with them. This is very practical.

About your Summary: This is a very important part to describe yourself and what you do in relation to the headline. Use this area objectively be precise this is like you are doing a pitch to someone.

Make sure you fill all the relevant information in the remaining parts like experience and education. Under the skills section always add skills that are relevant to the Headline and about. Always ask recommendation from your previous bosses or team members, this helps to give you credibility. Don’t forget to add your various achievement and certificates.

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There is indeed a lot to learn about your LinkedIn profile and how to grow it. I will still continue on this subject even further in my next article. What is your headline? Kindly leave your comment in the comment section below

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