January 18, 2021

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Tips On How to Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn 2

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In the last article, Tips On How to Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn. I dealt with the introduction of this subject. Thank you for the responses that you sent to my email and the comments herein.

4. Connections

Let me start with a question I received a week ago. “Hello Moses, thank you for what you share about careers. I have really been enjoying your articles a lot. My question is, how can I grow my followers and connections from my current 93 to maybe 1000?”

Well, this is a very nice question. Everyone in their various social media accounts always want to ensure that we have a very good following so that our postings may reach many. We need more connections for various reasons

  1. You want to grow your network
  2. You want to be inspired by your connections
  3. You want to want to reach potential employers and employees
  4. You want to expand your business reach etc.

For you to grow your network, your reasons have to be the propelling force. For instance, you are an IT guru and want to work in certain companies. You can begin by adding the various HR departments of those companies. Here is how you will do it. In your request to add them, send a personalized note. The note should contain details about what you do and why you want to add them. Most times, you can give a reason like wanting mentorship or even so that you may always see their posts.

You also need to send requests to all your friends. You need friendly connections too; people who can support you by commenting and liking your posts. This triggers LinkedIn’s algorithm when you have comments that are 10 words and above. It makes your post’s visibility to increase. You also need your workmates to write recommendations for you and engage you in conversations.

There is so much to say about connections, but all in all value your connections. Celebrate them when they are worth celebrating them.

5. Profile views

Profile views of Moses Nyaimwa
My LinkedIn Profile views

We all want as many people to visit our profile as possible. LinkedIn, as I have said, is a bit unique in terms of profile views. This is because each time someone visits your profile you get a notification. This helps you to know who has been checking you and where the person works. Here are ways to ensure you get viewed:

  1. Visit others. Each time you view someone else’s profile they get a notification. This makes them curious about you leading them to view your profile.
  2. Posting regularly and commenting. This makes you announce yourself and in turn, it attracts people to visit your profile.

6. Optimize your Profile

We know of search engine optimization (SEO), which is a process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine will show it as a top result for searches of certain keywords. Kindly go to Google search and look for Moses Nyaimwa or Sirkingmoses. Among the first searches will be my LinkedIn profile this helps you get noticed by the people looking for you and can be able to see all your qualifications and various skills.

Search appearance of Moses Nyaimwa
Google Search results of Sirkingmoses


You can also appear in some searches on Linkedin and this will help you get noticed by potential clients and employers.  You have to have certain keywords in your profile that will help you rank top in those Keywords.


profile searches

The number of times Moses Nyaimwa’s LinkedIn Profile appeared in searches


In optimizing your profile, you also need to customize your profile link so that your name can be in your link. Google will read your name too if you do so always consider using your official names because nicknames change and they do not exude professionalism. There is indeed much to talk about how you can grow your brand on LinkedIn.

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Hope you enjoyed the subject about personal branding in case you have questions contact me in my various contacts below. Which part had you not paid attention to share with me in the comment section?

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