January 27, 2021

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Trend Your Style Pt1

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Style is something each of us already has, all we have to do is find it- Diane Von Furstenberg

There are several reasons people shop; some do to get into a trend. You have people willing to spend so much on the clothing worn by celebrities without realizing they can be creative and start a trend also. Style is a huge job market and clothing companies will pay you to help them advertise their clothing when you make a brand for yourself.

Wearing trending clothing is great, however, you have to question your motive. It is sad how many people want to be like someone so much that they are willing to replicate everything they do. I mean, you can be inspired by someone that you want to do things as he/she did. But, you cannot put a full stop to doing it exactly as they did. How can you stand out, how can you create a name for yourself without having to walk in someone else’s shadow?

About 80% of youths go for trends to achieve a sense of belonging so they can belong to a circle. This is very dangerous to the growth and sense of innovation and creativity of today’s youth. Later in life, they realize they never learned to express themselves properly and would keep living life that way.

Style is an expression of who you are. It is like identifying a bird by the color of its feathers. There are different styles and it is ok to identify with more than one. However, without first knowing who you are, you would not know what style you identify with.

Trends evolve as quickly as gas evaporates, so you should not be stuck in one. Evolve, switch things up; add some sizzle to your look. Display the bubbling confidence you have inside. Although, you should not break the bank because of this. You would be very surprised how many stores carry those same brand names for a much lesser price. “Flashy” outfits are no longer a necessity to exude your level of confidence. Simple is classy!!!

Style is an expression and it can evolve. You express what you wear through your style…..

Check back for the 2nd part of this series where I would be sharing tips on how to OWN your style.


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