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You and Your Cravings Part 2

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Craving can be defined as the consuming desire to eat a particular thing. In my previous post, I narrated a story of an intense craving I had but never told us how I handle the situation.  Well in this post I will give us the final dose of the story and tips to why you should make some for yourself.

While I was still pondering on what to do, I went to my fridge, checked what I had, there I saw some hotdog and my amazing mayonnaise. Well, I thought to myself why not just make yourself a home-made hot dog since you are already out of bed.  Beneath my flat is a restaurant where I can get bread, I quickly went downstairs, got the bread and my items for a hot dog were ready. I fried the hotdog, cut the bread into two, add my dressing (a remia mayonnaise my favorite ) put the hotdog and there you have it, my hot dog toast was ready. It tasted so yummy and delicious just the way I wanted it. There and then my craving was satisfied, and I save myself about 5$ (five dollars).  Now if you remember correctly, I was feeling lazy, I didn’t even want to get out of bed,  but the sound of the price (x2 of the normal amount ) made me alert and every inch of laziness I felt dissipated.  To avoid such an awkward situation,   Make sure your fridge is always stock with the kinds of stuff you like because you never know when that strong desire to eat a particular thing will arise sometimes it might be in the middle of the night where all stores and eateries are closed.

What you need for a home-made hot Dog toast:

  • 2-3 pieces of hotdog
  • Medium size bread
  • Favorite dressing ( mayonnaise/ketchup/burger sauce )

With the above items, you can achieve that desire mouth-watering, home-made hot dog toast.

Below tips are the reason you should make yourself one:

  • You can eat to your satisfaction
  • You use the dressing of your choice
  • You get to save some money
  • Your cravings are satisfied

If you have some questions, ask them in the comment section.

Thanks, my yummyquan family.




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