Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

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As a student, we are a toss between sacrificing a hot dog to saving for projects or various schools home works, where printing and buying of various materials are the order of the day. Imagine you still satisfying that desire, by simply making a home hot-dog, that’s sound fantastic right, yea.

It was a beautiful Friday morning and the sun was shining on me, while still in bed, the sunray had woken me up even though I wasn’t ready to get out of bed at the time. Then I heard this rumbling sound what was that?  It’s my tummy it was bawling for attention. Me being a chef and not a foodie, I only eat when hungry. I ignored it and try to go back to bed but it kept on making that disturbing sound that could wake everyone else in the house. I eventually got up, and wondering what to do, now am toss in between decisions because it wasn’t a day I would like to do anything. I yawn while picking up my phone, as I scroll through the phone and arrived at a hot dog favourite page, hmm! I thought  for a while and then dialled the number a horrible English speaking fellow picked up  and said ALLO (trying to say  hello but  in Turkish ascent ) I said Merhaba ( meaning hello in Turkish ) he replied and I  quickly placed my order it was too early to bite my tongue ‘smile; for the record, I normally  don’t ask for prices  after placing an order I just wait when the package arrives because it comes with a bill on it,  since is the same menu, ‘smokehouse single’. But that day was different, for some reason I had a prompting to asked how much and he told me the price, I reiterated and said ‘smokehouse’  single my friend, he said Tamam ( meaning yes), Bi dakka (meaning ‘one minute’) and that’s how I hung up. Still, in shock, I was apparently speaking to myself. The cash at hand was for a lot of things and spearing that ridiculous amount wasn’t on the list for that menu. Well, I never call back, besides the order wasn’t complete since I haven’t given them my home address at least no one will surprise me at my doorstep with a menu I wasn’t ready to pay that amount of money for.

But my growling stomach needed to be satisfied,  wondering what I did after right; well, I will tell you in my next post.

And the tips to always use to save more and spend less but still get the best yummyquan experience ever.


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