January 21, 2021

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Your Wardrobe/Closet Makeover

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Hello dear,

I’m back again. I hope you enjoyed my last post on “Best Comfy Work Home Outfits”. And, if you haven’t checked it out, you should. Because there is something beyond the work home outfit, you’ll learn how to remain effective even as you work from home.

Today, we’ll be discussing how to give our wardrobe a simple makeover.
I’m sure some of you have organised/scattered your wardrobe over & over again as a result of boredom.

Here is the thing; sometimes, wardrobe makeover doesn’t have to cost too much. One benefit of having a wardrobe makeover is it opens your eyes to how many great pieces you’ve got in your wardrobe. Which in turn, opens your mind in a new way, a way that helps you find your style. By the way, I wrote about “Finding Your Style” at the beginning of the year, you should check it out. It also saves time.

I’m glad to inform you that by the time we’re done discussing this topic, you’ll feel confident that you can enter a decluttered closet that has precisely what you need to make dressing & style come naturally.
Are you ready??? Let’s go


Clean, Edit & Organise.
Most people both find it difficult to keep their wardrobe/closet in order. They make it a dumping ground for almost everything. Thereby making it an unhappy place to be.
A clean wardrobe gives utmost satisfaction & just knowing that everything is organised gives you that peace of mind to start & end each day.
An organised wardrobe/closet organises your mind, cos it takes some brainstorming. I love it when my things are organised cos it gives room for ideas to flow in.

Now cleaning, editing & organizing your wardrobe can take up to 3-5 hours or even more (maybe days) depending on the size of your closet.
Also, if you want the position of your wardrobe changed to give your room a new look, this is the best time to do so (if your wardrobe is not too heavy & if it is, you might need to call for help).

A. Empty your wardrobe. This is no time for sorting, just empty every single thing you have in your closet right on your bed or the floor.

B. Wash your wardrobe/closet. Ensure every dust has been wiped out

C. Take a short break. The essence of this break is to give your wardrobe enough time to air out while you also walk, breathe & get ready for the next phase where the real work is.
May I also add as a suggestion that when coming back, get yourself bottle(s) of water, snacks & good music too. You can even make a playlist of your favourite songs.




Can you feel the peace & happiness already? You’re almost done


Add the following just in case
● Extra shelves
● Hanging knobs

A. Identify your MUST HAVE
This is so important! An average person wears up to only 25% of the clothes in their wardrobe.
Your Must-Have are the basic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style.
They are; your white shirt or T-shirts, denim, blazers, elegant black dresses, sneakers, etc.
Identify & separate them from general clothes.

B. Take Out The Irrelevant
Often time we hold on to the irrelevant (things that have served us, but now old & worn out) things that are no longer useful. But because we’re emotionally attached to them, letting go becomes difficult.
Darling, this is the time to let go. Old things are passed away the Bible says so why cling on to the past… Lol
Also, you try out some clothes to see if they still fit, if not thrash it or give it out.
Get them in a box once you’ve identified them, once again give out if you can but ensure it is out of your sight immediately to avoid a sudden change of mind

Letting go is not easy, I know. Drink water…now take a deep breath…Eat your snack too.
I hope your music is still playing… Don’t let it go off.


Arrange in colors & category
Before you begin your arrangements, ensure your underwear, work out clothes, leggings are into your sliding drawer. Now you need to separate them using a drawer divider for easy identification. A major space saver!


A. Hang all delicate & fancy pieces in the same direction
Your suit, dresses, blazers, shirts, etc should be hanged all in the same direction & the same family color.

B. Your thick clothes should be stack.
Denim, sweaters & any other sturdy & thick pieces should be stacked separately of course & according to their colors.
They don’t lose shape when you do because of their thickness.

C. Hang your accessories on the wall.
Now, this is in case you don’t have where to store your accessories. If you do have, go ahead & store them there.
Hanging of accessories on the wall works for those with smaller wardrobes. A towel hook will be just perfect.

D. Get your shoes in order.
In getting your shoe organized you’ll need the “one in, one out” rule.
And just in case you want to know how to take better care of your shoes, I have the perfect article for you. Just check out my post on “I Care For My Accessories”. You’d love it!





Now that you’re done, can you feel the peace in your mind? You now have enough time to get ready for the day, more storage space & your clothes & accessories are protected from unexpected damage.
So when you go shopping after the lockdown, you’ll have a broad idea of what you need to buy to freshen your wardrobe.

Remember to share in the comment section your questions & thoughts.

I’d be back but until then, stay safe!



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